Even though the tour is officially over, stay tuned for the participants' last entries. Right now phone jacks are few and far between, and so we thank you for your patience.

These members of the tour invite you to experience Route 66 as they do. The writers have not been selected. Anyone in the group who wants to write can do so. The topics are not specified, the texts have not been edited, and space limitations are not imposed. Well, there may be one limitation -- the Powerbook is closed at 10 pm so we can update the site and get some sleep!

We invite you to contribute to this road narrative, too. Tell your story in the guestbook for fellow travelers on the road and on the net! Or, if you wish to express yourself less publically, use your voice.

Stories from the Mother Road. Written by the riders.

Scott Alperin 6/6/96
Celeste Callahan 6/4/96
Javier Castellano 6/17/96
Phyllis Cohen 6/9/96
Susan Therese Garrett6/19/96
Rebecca Haldeman 6/19/96
Jean Keffeler 6/7/96
Elaine Mariolle7/1/96
Susan Notorangelo 6/17/96
Tim Olson 6/17/96
Gerry Tatrai 6/13/96
Marie Tenzinger 6/17/96
Mike Tenzinger 6/17/96
Dennis Toeppen 7/7/96
James Rosar updated 6/10/96
Pictures from the Mother Road

There are still a ton of cool pictures which have yet to be posted... Please check back after 7/10. - Dennis Toeppen

Day 1 - Chicago to Bloomington
!! Day 2 - Bloomington to Litchfield
Day 3 - Litchfield to Gray's Summit
Day 4 - Gray's Summit to Lebanon
Day 5 - Lebanon to Joplin
Day 6 - Joplin to Claremore
Day 7 - Claremore to Chandler
Day 8 - Chandler to Weatherford
Day 9 - Weatherford to Shamrock
Day 10 - Shamrock to Amarillo - MUST SEE
Day 11 - Amarillo to Tucumcari
Day 12 - Tucumcari to Las Vegas NM
Day 13 - Las Vegas NM to Albuquerque
Day 14 - Albuquerque to Grants
Day 15 - Grants to Chambers
Day 16 - Chambers to Winslow
Day 17 - Winslow to Williams
Day 18 - Williams to Kingman
Day 19 - Kingman to Needles
Day 20 - Needles to Barstow (ack!)
Day 21 - Barstow to Railto
Day 22 - Railto to Santa Monica