Marie Tenzinger

Fondest Greetings, Marie Tenzinger here, Mike's daughter and crew member. I ride a Terry bicycle.

June 2: Bloomington

I rode through Chicago and have ridden my bicycle where I will not even drive my car and that was in the Chicago Loop, but on Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m. it was really no problem.

June 3: Litchfield

Went to the Cozy Dog Drive In and had lunch. For anyone who wants to eat there before they close this is the last week. Then they close and will open the new facility right next store shortly.

June 5: Lebanon

Today everyone in the crew rode. The Munger Moss Motel was celebrating their 50 year anniversary. I met with two reporters. One in Cuba and the other at our "home" in Lebanon.

June 8: Chandler

The most significant thing today was that I got my climbing legs back. The last time I was able to climb really well was my cycling trip to Germany. Although I feel fine, I am either fighting the flu, ate something that does not agree with imes difficult to figure out when to ride and when I need to be a worker bee, a/k/a crew member. We have had light duty the last couple of days which means that we do not have to prepare lunch. I enjoyed eating at the Rock Cafe in Stroud and meeting the waitresses and the owner, Dawn. I got a good bit of history about this road from her at it relates to this state in her own words. I also met another local in Chandler at the Laundrymat. There I was doing dad's, Gerry's and my own wash and the owner started talking to me. It was quite humorous. I think he was surprised that I was multi-tasking - doing wash, writing posteling.

June 9: Weatherford

What a wierd day. Wasn't sure if I should ride and then when I tried it didn't feel right. The hotels are an experience all their own. Last night we were in little cabins and tonight it is simliar to the nostoglic style get the point across. A photographer from Central Oklahoma University has followed us all day in hopes of getting a few of our pictures in the book to be published in the future. We are truly waking a sleeping giant and it is currently called HISTORIC ROUTE 66. I plan to continue to grow in my experience and will give the riders my time and patience. I have replaced the phrase: "GIVE ME SOME SPACE" to "GIVE PEOPLE WIDE BERTH" it is a cycling term and it applies to my life at the present moment.

June 11: Amarillo

Dad and I are unable to ride together at the moment so we alternate riding with the group that seems to ride at our pace. It is quite fun. Busy, busy day. Went to the museum in McLean, TX and it was excellent. A great display of barbed wire and other pieces of history from the area. I also found the Kansas 66 shot glass at the Big Texan so now I have a full set - YEA. The other night Susan and I had a very interesting ride in Richard's pick up to purchase supplies. It was a sky blue 1968 Ford and I am really amazed that everything fit. The Big Texan Hotel in Shamrock, TX is a FINE example of Texan hospitality. The whole family was very accommodating and I truly appreciated it. We tried to do laundry and failed so tomorrow will have to be the day. Got to meet Nick and Becky G from the UMCA and that was great. Went to the Big Texan for dinner and watched Gerry t. try to eat the 72 oz steak dinner. We almost made it and nonethe less we love him for trying. Dad and I split a 180z steak and a huge cup of strawberry shortcake. It was delicious!!!

June 12: Tucumcari

Rode a partial day and have just added up my mileage to nearly 500 miles. The group has made the half way point as we make it to the Neon City of tucumcari, New Mexico. I have successfully crossed all borders on the bicycle. I also did major laundry today. There is always something to do either as a crew member or for myself. I got my box of summer outfits today and have packed up the warmer clothes to send back to Illinois. Today was a beautiful day, even though I had to ride on Interstate 40 for about 20 miles. So glad I have experienced riding on the Autobahn in Germany but it was still somewhat stressful. All in all things are going well and tomorrow I will try to ride a little even though I need to work in the van and prepare lunch. Tomorrow is a day of climbing and I plan to do as little of that as possible. I have too many other things to do. Until later, peace be the journey.

June 13: Las Vegas

Although it was a designated work day I was able to ride 44 miles -- the last three being the toughest because it was an uphill climb. However, prior to the climb I experienced an awesome downhill. Let me see if I can described it. There was copper colored rock shale on either side of me reaching to a beautiful blue sky. Gray pavement with a yellow line down the center and me riding down holding onto my brakes - YIKES!!! Seriously it wasn't all that bad, sometimes riding on Interstate 40 is worse.

June 14: Albuquerque

If I thought yesterday's climb was bad today I rode in the rain for 25 miles. The good news is that I got to wear my new Burley rain jacket and the rain pants that I brought along, the bad news is that I got slightly chilled on the downhills. I was glad to complete my ride for the day and change clothes and ride in the van even though we had several riders in there as well. Later in the evening my dad, Susan and I went to Sam's to purchase supplies and also purchased another cooler to get us through the desert. We went to dinner at a family restaurant and Susan told us about her cycling career. It was a very special evening to spend quality time with my dad and Susan. I enjoyed hearing what her life has been like. It seemed like one roller coaster ride after another and now PAC Tour is a similiar sceniro but with more people.

June 15: Grants

Cannot believe that we have been on the rode for two weeks. I get mail from classmates and friends almost daily. It is wonderful to hear from anyone and everyone. Javiar let me ride since we had a light day on duties. I rode with my dad and Susan and aside from great company the copper colored mountains called buttes provided a great panoromic backdrop. I haven't been surrounded by so much of nature's beauty in many years while riding. This day was a blessing, a short distance of about 80 miles and a tailwind until the last 15 miles. Tomorrow is ride into Arizona and I have really enjoyed seeing New Mexico for the very first time by bicycle.

June 16: Chambers

My third century (100 mile) ride to this trip. I had a 36 mile gentle climb up to the Continental Divide in New Mexico. It was quite cool this morning after riding for a few hours I warmed up. I am feeling stronger and stronger every day on the bike. It is really best to ride every other day or just short distances (25 - 30 miles) in order to maintain stamina on days when I do not ride all day. Because not everyone is writing I would like to mention a few words about the group of people on this tour. First of all the women, they are unbelieveable. Several of them have done PAC tour before, are RAAM finishers, done Paris Brest Paris and other incredible events. I am honored to be in their company. Two of the women, who are over 50, will be part of a Team in RAAM later this summer. They are using this ride for training purposes. Another woman who is from Alaska will be leaving in a few days to do a ride from Fairbanks to Anchorage called something like "Ride of the Midnight Sun". This ride is a training ride for her too. Well I could go on and on about each one but will try to continue another time.

June 19: Williams

I'm not sure where I left off however, this seems like a good place to pick up. Climbed up to yet another divide - the Arizona Divide - 7335 elevation. Of course, headwind showed up after lunch but I felt real strong. The terrain changed as we rode into Flagstaff with lots of evergreen trees and it reminded me of the Nicholet Forest. Toward the end of the ride I rode a very bumpy gravel section. The evening ended on an upward note as all of the crew and several of the riders drove to see the Arizona Grand Canyon. What an unbelieveable sight.

June 20: Needles

What a day - rode up and down into Oatman - over a series of switchbacks and hairpin turns. Another scary downhill but the ride was worth all my fear. I also successfully rode into the last state of this Historic Route 66 trip - yes I've made it into California. The Colorado Rider is the boundry between Arizona and California -- Needles to be exact. The route was shortened to approx 60 miles. Up very early and the ride was finished by about 10:30 a.m. I got to ride with Lon, Sue and family -- what a blast!!! It was the hottest day on this trip - 113 degrees. It felt like someone had a hair dryer on "HOT" and was blowing it in my face.

June 21: Barstow

Not a day that I planned but nonetheless a good one. Ended up riding my fourth and final century - 106 miles to be exact and one of my toughest ones yet -- after lunch it was into the wind and what a strong one it was. Prior to that I had a blast riding with two tandems and all the RAAM winners. I still cannot believe that I was in such extraordinary company. Tomorrow I see my aunt and uncle in Rialto. My dad is doing well but too tired to assist me in writing too much.

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