James Rosar

Hi, my name's James, and I am riding Route 66 for a couple of reasons -- mostly for the challenge of my third ride across this country, but also to experience the best hospitality and generosity this country has to offer. It seems to me we are using the transportation of the next century to witness the relics of the last century by using the bicycle to revisit the culture generated by the dawn of the age of the automobile. These people and places are the American real thing, before personalities and places were mass produced. They were and are unique, and the experience of getting from here to there on this road is a true and unique experience and an adventure of the first order.

June 9: Weatherford

Howdy again, folks- I've just had my first look at some of this "page", so I'm writing with what I've seen in mind. Some of you may be looking here as Rt. 66 scholars, some as cyclists looking for an adventure. I'm not much of a Rt. 66 scholar, but I am quite a cyclist, and as that maybe I can provide some perspective.

As a tour, this one is terrific - every day provides for a flood of memories- places we had heard about, places we hadn't, great food and lots of it, c get to know and love. As a group of cyclists, we get to share a great adventure which we help each other to get through, while getting stronger and better at cycling. Following the route cards has been an adventure in itself, both as a challenge and as a joy as old sections are mixed with new, and mundane directions are magically transformed into memories of a grand adventure. The old sections are always different, always fascinating; a concrete memory of a path laid gently upon the ground for those to whom the going was as important , if not more so, than the getting there.I see now that this is the beauty of this trip, and it grips my heart to be a part o thus and be the adventure - Long Live Route 66!