Voices From the Mother Road

On June 2, 1996, a group of thirty-four individuals hit the road on a three week bicycle tour of a great American myth - Route 66. The bicyclists and their support crew came from fourteen different states, and several countries outside the U.S. including: Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. The participants ranged in age from 8 to 69 years, and their occupations are as varied as the terrain they travelled. Among the group were several students, teachers, musicians, medical professionals, administrators, and professional cyclists as well as a flight controller, a retired ceramic engineer, a photographer, a tool and die maker, and a massage therapist from Spain. Although this trip is over in the physical sense, the journey continues as Elaine Mariolle works with Eunice Greer from the University of Illinois Department of Education, Champaign-Urbana during a four week class on Curriculum Development using this trip as an interactive travel-log. Travel with them as they explore roadside curiosities and tell stories that make Route 66 what is was and is today.

The map below is your guide to this unique trip. Check the entertainment calendar to see, at a glance, where the group stopped and what they did when they got there. Check voice prints as members of the group tell you how their day went, what they saw, and what they thought about. We invite you to contribute to this road narrative, too. Tell your story in the guestbook for the bicyclists and crew out on the road as well as your fellow 'Net travellers.

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